Wiener-Dog (Todd Solondz – 2016) B

Solondz movies are unique, weird and uncomfortable. They are tonally off-putting usually where you are not sure if he is serious or going for laughs (both really). They walk a fine edge between tragedy and bizarre black comedy. This one does not disappoint in all these areas as it follows a dog, a dachshund, as it changes various owners from a wealthy family with a small child to an old lady in her final days before it ends up in an art gallery of sorts. At each step the dog is not more than a prop, it’s not the focus. The conversations and the different people are. The kid we see in the beginning is smart, lonely and full of questions about life and death. The old lady on the other hand is on the opposite side of the equation, she is looking back at her regrets and prior decisions as she pets the dachshund and waits to die.


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