What We Do in The Shadows (Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi – 2014) A-

What would vampires living in  New Zealand do in the modern age? They share a flat and have chores. They need to eat but really need to maintain their apartment in a good shape (so who does those bloody dishes??!)  They go hunting at local clubs at night but have no sense of fashion , after all they cannot see themselves in the mirror. To make things worse they need to be invited to go anywhere so most of the clubs are off limits because of these pesky bouncers. They also have their squabbles with ex-lovers and other “creatures of the dark” namely the werewolves. These points and many others make up the very funny What we Do in The Shadows, a documentary style film in which a crew of filmmakers is granted access to the scary and hilarious world of those modern vampires. This is one funny quotable movie that is made for repeat viewings.


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