Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Zack Snyder – 2016) C-

Zack Snyder needs a leash of some sort or maybe I’m just not a fan of his shtick. Too many weird dream sequences, too many needless explosions, too much clunky CGI, too many dumb slo-mo shots of guns,…just too much. At 2.5 hours, cutting some of that garbage out and actually fleshing out the plot and characters would have made for a very good film. I like the central theme of questioning Superman and his “savior” status. I also like Bruce Wayne’s motivation to go after him (and I like Ben Affleck in the role). That gets muddled and crushed under the weight of Snyder’s heavy hand and the need to setup the Justice League franchise.

With all its running time the movie still has no time to develop the Lex Luthor character. I suppose he has daddy issues and he could be insane but is super smart. Why is Luthor so bent on doing whatever it is he wants to do? no idea. His plan? well he has a couple but the climactic one uses a very silly trick to gain access to the crashed Kryptonian ship where he basically quickly gains the knowledge to create a boring loud monster. I have not even mentioned Wonder Woman. She is good but would also have benefited from some plot attention. It’s a bit funny how many times they make sure we know that all these battles and explosions are happening with minimal human lives lost…oh it’s s depopulated island…well this is an abandoned enormous port…


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