Buzzard (Joel Potrykus – 2015) B+

This is a portrait of Marty, who really is a buzzard of sorts. He scavenges for food and runs scams. Nothing big or major heists. He’s not smart enough for that. He takes whatever he can get away with from 15 cent coupons to fraudulent checks for 20 bucks. Marty is a parasite who at first I thought might be going crazy but I don’t think so. That’s who he is, a guy who wears a Freddy Krueger mask in public and makes his own glove with blades for fingers! He’s a scavenger with no moral compass, friends or aspirations. He exists only to survive. When he thinks he might be in real trouble after stealing checks from his temp job at the bank he goes on the run. It’s sad seeing him try to hide and eat while he thinks he is being pursued for the 100 dollars or so worth of checks. Really high props here for Joshua Burge who plays the character of Marty. He does a great job.


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