Ida (Pawel Pawlikowski – 2014) A

This is one of those small movies that really stick with you. Filmed in lovely soft black and white and set in the sparse Polish countryside in the 60s. It is the story of Ida, who is about to take the vows and become a Catholic nun. She learns that her parents were Polish Jews and were killed during WWII. Along with her promiscuous alcoholic depressed aunt (who is also a Judge!) she sets off trying to locate where they came from and where they are buried. Ida has one of those faces that are haunting, sweet and smart. The actress does a fantastic job playing off against her aunt’s brash performance. The women examine their lives, the aunt with her situation thus far and Ida with her upcoming vows. They connect, talk a lot and learn form their experience. It is not a crises of of faith story really, more of a person’s connection to the past, the now and the choices to make for the future.


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