Slow West (John Maclean – 2015) A-

It took me a while to realize it and in hindsight that this is a tragic-comedy. A quirky oddball comedy set in the old west. At it’s center we have another great performance by Michael Fassbender who plays Silas, a bounty hunter helping a young fellow, Jay, find his fugitive girlfriend. On their heals is a band of outlaws meaning to capture the girlfriend (dead preferably) and collect the reward. The motives of Silas are not always clear and e is not a very scrupulous dude. This is in many ways a very traditional western. It’s bloody, rough, violent and cruel. On the other hand we have the character of Jay who seems to not belong. He is sweet, honest, kind and cannot shoot a gun.  There are lessons learned here and characters changing but the movie does not really end up how one might expect.


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