Hot Fuzz (Edgar Wright – 2007) A

I think  Hot Fuzz might be my favorite of the Corentto Trilogy. In this one the Simon Pegg character plays a super London cop with the cool movie name of Nick Angel. He gets transferred to a small English town because he is basically “too good” at his job and is making the Metropolitan police department look bad. Similar to The World’s End, the small town is not as sleepy, quaint and lovely as it seems. When brutal murders start happening well, Angel and his small-town hapless/drunkard of a partner (played with the series regular Nick Frost) are on the case.

This is the trilogy’s ode to buddy cop movies, complete with fast cuts, one liners, crazy action, crazier conspiracies and the long-time tradition of the mismatched partners. It’s social commentary is, like the rest of the series, deftly wrapped in a very funny cadre of characters who deliver their sharp and witty performances with great finesse.

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