Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller – 2015) A

This thing is basically one long chase scene. That is not to say it does not have a story or plot. It does, it is simple and makes sense. That story though is told in amazingly choreographed action instead of long dialogue scenes. What this is is an insane, fast, loud and purely amazing spectacle. Very few movies can be described as new and unique. I think this one is. Unbelievable that it is from the mind of a guy who’s over 70 years old and whose previous movie was Happy Feet Two!  I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did but seeing the modified vehicles/war machines rushing and crashing along the dusty post-apocalyptic landscape was a thrill. Same goes for fight scenes that are new and actually make sense. Add to that a kinetic soundtrack involving a truck with a guy playing the drums in the back and another “person” playing a flame-throwing electric guitar in the front. As far as leads go, Tom Hardy is very good as Max but really it is Charlize Theron playing the one-armed Furiossa that steals the show. She is as bad-ass as they come and a character as memorable as Ripley.

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