The One I Love (Charlie McDowell – 2014) A-

A couple are having troubles in their marriage. After trying multiple avenues to fix their relationship, their counselor advises them to go to a particular retreat. From that point on, the movie goes places that I completely was blindsided by in the best possible way. It’s a movie that is tough to categorize. The closest that comes to mind is maybe the feel of a Twilight Zone episode. It is much more than that though, it tackles long term relationships from a very interesting angle and poses some challenging ideas. What would one really do if they can fix up their mate and make them perfect? Is that something we should strive for or just love the imperfections that we get as part of the deal? There are only two characters in the film played by Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass and they do tremendous work here in demanding roles. This is one of those small films that might not be perfect but is made with a lot of care and skill. I can spend a long time thinking about why it would not work but I really do not care and would rather just appreciate it for what it does so well.


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