Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel and Ethan Coen – 2013) A-

We first meet Llewyn Davis performing a nice folk song. We hear the whole thing in the dimly lit club and maybe assume that he has it made. He gets applause and pats on the back as he walks to the back of the club and promptly gets punched in the stomach! Davis does not have it made, he is basically homeless and lives with a series of friends and acquaintances.  He gets no royalties from his record and his singing partner committed suicide. The film is not a feel good flick as we accompany Llewyn for a week or so of his life as he tries to make it. Like most  Coen films, they manage to get the most out of their actors and characters. Oscar Isaac as Llewyn delivers a great performance as he stumbles through his life garnering pity, annoyance, revulsion and at times appreciation of his talent. This one is not a  big bang in the Coen brothers canon but is a lovely movie none the less.


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