Snowpiercer (Joon-ho Bong – 2013) B+

It’s a visually spectacular film with shocking, at times beautiful at times gruesome set pieces. The idea is that mankind set-off the new ice age and the sole survivors live on a long train that circles the globe named Snowpiercer. Of course, being humans, a class system exists between the tail end and first class lead by the “engine” and the malevolent Wilford. The folks in the tail section who live in horrible conditions, eat blocks of mystery protein and are treated like cattle want to revolt. The rebels are lead by Curtis (Chris Evans) and start a violent progress from one crazy carriage to carriage. Each one of those carriages seems like its own world complete with color, mood and characters. My favorite has to be the elementary school one.
This make it sound like a violent video game but it really is not quiet as simple as that. The film does have more nuance, satire, plenty of good performances, and at least one crazy good monologue by Tilda Swinton. It does kind of stumble in the last act, has a silly “grand plan” and it suffers from too much on-the-nose exposition while at times not giving us enough depth for characters (what was up with that dude who never seemed to die?).


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