The Ice Storm (Ang Lee – 1997) B+

It’s a cold film about a bunch of dysfunctional suburbanites in Connecticut. Everyone in this film is messed up to some degree or another and none of them is very likable. The film is book-ended by the titular ice storm where events come to a head and characters clash. It centers around two families who are neighbors and friends of sorts. Their interactions involving sex, booze, drugs and general thrill seeking are what propels the movie forward. The parents seem to be by and large…bored. they are not bad people, just middle-aged, depressed and bored. I did like the structure of the movie and the mood it presents. The actors also do a fine job with Kevin Kline as possibly the most sympathetic. However, unlike American Beauty – a film that is often compared to this one- it lacks any characters that I really cared about.


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