We Are What We Are (Jim Mickels – 2012) A-

I don’t go for horror movies much. They are usually very cheesy and repeat the same story it seems over and over again. Both of these are not necessarily bad if done well, but modern horror films are geared to either give the PG-13 crowd a “boo” moment every five minutes or graphic gore and torture porn throughout. In this skillfully made film, Jim Mickels gives us a tense story about a family that has “something off” about them. It’s creepy but not heavy handed at all. It does a very good job in making us care for the two daughters and their brother while not always sure if we should. I guessed what is going on pretty early in the run time but the film still maintained its high wire act perfectly. Boy was I not prepared for the horrific last five minutes or so here though. That’s one scene and a few lines of dialogue that I will never forget.


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