A Hijacking (Tobias Lindholm – 2012) A

All to often we get corporations and executives portrayed as these big behemoths who could not care less about their employees. They only care about the bottom line. They are the evil men in suits. Well the best part of this small Danish flick is the portrayal of Peter, the CEO of a shipping company as he tries to navigate the rough long negotiation with hijackers who took over one of his ships. He really cares and wants the best possible outcome while  at the same time answering to the board as well as the family of the ship’s crew members.
A Hijacking is not sensational, it is a negotiation from beginning to end with the principal characters and a few side characters. Everyone is excellent in their performances. We have the aforementioned CEO, we have the ship’s cook who is terrified and wants to go back to his family while at the same time being used as a bargaining chip by Omar. Omar is the translator and the one who communicates with Peter, but he vehemently insists that he is not one of “them”, referring to the hijackers. These three are at the heart of this story. Another fascinating character is the consultant hired to help Peter navigate through the negotiation process. The film is subtle and while not much “action” happens, it is captivating from minute one to closing credits.


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