Dredd (Pete Travis – 2012) B+

It is often that I wonder what makes a movie good. It is in many cases difficult to answer. Some are memorable, others you want to see over and over. Yet other really well made films you never want to really see again. In the case of Dredd it boils down to:

  1. It did not have a single boring moment. It was fun!
  2. Dredd played by Karl Urban, for a guy who never takes off his helmet, was surprisingly “engaging”. He felt like a real person and
  3. A good well-played villain and her gang (although I really wanted to know more about the young guy with the “electronic” eyes)
  4. Pretty cool choreography and fight scenes
  5. It does not try to be too funny, corny or take itself too seriously. It’s a “shoot your way to the top and out of this skyscraper” flick. No more or less.

Really it is much better than more hyped up comic book flicks like “The Amazing Spider-man“. I would love to see a second one with the same crew, but it does not seem very likely since this one was not such a huge box office success.


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