Savages (Oliver Stone – 2012) B+


Savages is done with style – a bit restrained too by Oliver Stone measures- and delivers a good story. We have a trio of Laguna Beach lovers who happen to be in the pot business. Really good pot apparently. So good that a brutal (not sure if there is any other kind really) Mexican drug cartel  wants to basically acquire said trio and their product. The three decide to get the hell out instead and that’s when the crap hits the fan. The girl of the trio, a rich beach bunny named Ophelia played very well by Blake Lively, is kidnapped by the cartel (lead by Salma Hayek) in order to force her two boyfriends to cooperate. It’s an interesting film that deals with varied personalities and relationships. The movie is told from Ophelia’s perspective and she seems to coin the term Savages and applies it to everyone in the story, her and her two lovers as in wild and free spirited as well as the savage brutal cartel leaders and enforcers. Speaking of enforcers, the film has an amazing performance by Benicio del Toro who plays a sadistic Mexican mob enforcer with some mixed loyalties.


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