In Bruges (Martin McDonagh – 2008 ) A-

It’s really tough to strike such a perfect balance between humor, sharp dialogue and a dark almost depressing drama. In Bruges does exactly that… almost. Add to that a beautiful town like Bruges (even if Ray thinks it’s a “shit hole” and the view from the ancient bell tower “rubbish”) and we really have a fantastic film. It’s the story of two hired killers sent to Bruges to lay low after Ray (Colin Farrell) accidentally shoots a little boy on his first assignment. He plays his role perfectly, balancing his crazy antiques, drinking and complaining with his deep remorse and self-loathing over the accident. It’s almost a case of PTSD for an assassin. Brendan Gleeson plays the other assassin, also Ray’s mentor and older brother type figure. In Bruges has some really amazing moments and fun characters, like Harry the big boss played by Ralph Fiennes, but the final few moments where it all comes “full circle” in a way felt way too contrived. Still, I really enjoyed the film and would like to watch it again.


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