Paul Liebrandt: A Matter of Taste (Sally Rowe – 2012) A-

I’ve never honestly paid much attention to Paul Liebrandt’s career but I am glad I noticed this doc on Netflix recently. It follows him closely from his early start as a young chef working at a bistro that is much too casual for his style through opening the high-end and highly regarded Corton in NYC. I am not sure why the film makers started following him from late 2001 actually but I suppose it is good they did. Liebrandt comes across as talented, ambitious and likable cook who enjoys what he does. For me, that makes this doc a success. It’s funny how much the first opening scenes with his grungy look and long hair that comes over his face evoked Marco Pierre White around that age and sure enough Liebrandt’s first huge inspiration is White and he worked for him as well.


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