2 Days in Paris (Julie Delpy – 2007) B

Julie Delpy plays Marion, a French woman visiting her city with her American boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg). It should be the setup for a romantic comedy about a fun quick trip in the beautiful city where the boyfriend meets the quirky but sweet parents and Marion’s friends and such. Well, all that is complicated by the crazy personalities here. The boyfriend is an anti-social hypochondriac who is very paranoid about Marion’s ex-boyfriends. Although the more we learn about her, the more we sympathize with the poor sap. She is a bit nutty as illustrated by a perfectly setup and performed scene where she meets an ex who is sitting at a table in a restaurant she happens to be at. So is her sister and parents! Anyways, this film written and directed by Delpy is funny but not exactly a comedy. It deals with the issue of dating someone from a different social and cultural background than ones own in very specific terms. It works on those levels and  creates unique  and memorable characters that I cared about.


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