Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé – 2009) A

It’s one of the weirdest, memorable, jarring and effective films I’ve seen. It’s tough to stop thinking about it for a while after watching it and not because of the themes and tone but also the fascinating filmography, images and point of view that Noe uses.  The premise is that we are Oscar seeing the world in Tokyo through his eyes and when he gets shot in a club (he’s a drug dealer you see) we are now Oscar the “spirit” who floats around through both time and space visiting his terrible childhood, his friends, sister and looking for…something. The camera angle is frequently positioned above the action in many scenes where we are viewing the characters and events while floating in the air. Other times the camera is focusing on very close spaces and “in” places. It really is probably safe to say that I’ve never quiet seen any film like Enter the Void and by the end of it with the final few shots it left me emotional and mesmerized.


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