Looper (Rian Johnson – 2012) A

The director of Looper describes his film as a movie “that uses time travel but is not about time travel”. That is a very apt description. It’s amazing how little the trailer for the film gives away about it. The plot starts of with introducing the concept of loopers. These are individuals tasked with killing people who the mob sends back from the future. It’s a clean and efficient way apparently for the mob to get rid of people and leave no trace, since apparently in the future it is impossible to dispose of a body…anyways every looper is supposed to close the loop by killing his future self. When our hero, Joe, attempts to close his loop he botches it and you would think the film is going to be about the “struggle” between young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and old Joe (Bruce Willis) and to a degree it is. However, the movie has significantly more up its sleeve after introducing the Sara and Cid characters. It ends being more of a story about morality, survival and love. From a technical aspect Johnson does an admirable job of making us care for every character in the film. Our loyalty and who we are rooting for seems to shift every 15 minutes. The fight sequences are well done and there is a scene in which a looper who screws up is being taken apart piece by piece that I am sure I’ve never seen done before.


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