Today’s Special (David Kaplan – 2009) D+

I almost feel bad for “hating” on this sickly sweet movie but it has lots and lots of problems. It resorts to every cliche and stereotype in the book about Indian families and Indian food. It’s jokes are stale and can be seen coming  miles away (oh Indian food is spicy so the white dude is crying. Har har har). The acting by and large is pretty bad…especially the dad character. The tone is all wrong as well, where it is sometimes a light-hearted bordering on slapstick comedy and then it wants to burden us with the “real” family issues and the baggage with the dead brother…blah. Even the cooking/restaurant sections that I had high hopes for are treated with dull amateurism and no apparent understanding of how these types of activities actually work! A couple of bright spots are the character of Akbar and the surprise that Madhur Jaffery can actually act (why is she in this film btw? To bring gravitas to the food-centric plot? that was wasted too).

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