Fright Night (Craig Gillespie – 2011) B

I barely remember the original Fright Night, but this new one is a pretty solid fun B movie. A vampire moves to Vegas suburb and the nosy neighbor kid figures him out. Choosing Vegas is a very good idea since most people work at night anyways. Oddly enough this vampire, in addition to blood, seems to love granny smith apples! The kid teams up with a flamboyant but reluctant Vegas performer to destroy said vampire. I also have to say that the way the vampire flushes the kid and his mom out of their house is pretty ingenious. The actors take themselves just seriously enough without being too cheesy to but the the film has it’s humorous moments as well. bottom line, for a late night find on a  Bulgarian -probably- cable station in Beirut (I was visiting family there for a month), this was a good time.


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