Hanna (Joe Wright – 2011) A-

Man did I enjoy this! It’s amazing that it was barely advertised and marketed when it came out last year. The imagery, performances and sound track are all top notch. On its surface this seems like an action-spy film of sorts but it really is more nuanced and complex. It’s really an art house spy film with fairy tale themes and a fish-out-of-water story. Hannah is so perfectly played by Saoirse Ronan that it is hard to believe this is the same little girl from Atonement. She looks so fragile and wispy that is comes as almost a shock when she promptly dispatches a goon or two. However, she does pull both roles off perfectly that it is almost scary. Cate Blanchett also delivers a great performance as the evil witch…I mean agent who, along with a psychotic German bar owner/assassin,  is hunting Hannah down.


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