Hugo (Martin Scorsese – 2011) A

What a surprise this was. I am not sure if I should thank or be pissed off that the trailer for this film made it seem like a kiddie flick about a kid and his animated weird looking robot. Instead we get a beautifully shot (I did see it in 3D) vivid, brilliant  film about movies! Scorsese basically chronicles the history of film starting with the Lumiere brothers and their train arriving at the station film from 1897. The story is as much if not more, the story of Georges Melies as it is about the little boy, Hugo. As far as 3D goes, Scorsese really hits it out of the park with his first feature in this format. It’s as good as 3D gets now, he uses it effectively and does not pound our heads with it. Still, I am not comfortable watching a 3D movie. The glasses are heavy and the picture is slightly dim. I am fairly certain that I will be seeing this again in good bright 2D and I doubt it will lose much if anything in that format. Scorsese is in love with cinema as an art form and he uses Hugo as a vehicle to channel that passion to the audience. The film’s second half is but dedicated to familiarizing us, through the story of Hugo the boy and his search for purpose, with Mr. Melies and his brilliant early films and special effects. Is it coincidence that Scorsese decided to make a digital film using the latest 3D technology whose subject is the birth of film technology? I think not.

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