Hot Tub Time Machine (Steve Pink – 2010) A-

HTTM is a movie in which the charatcers know all the “rules” about time travel and then proceed to break each and every one of them. It does so with perfect timing, colorful language, and really good chemistry between all the major players. It’s a very funny movie. Makes me even more baffled with the crap sandwich that Adam Sandler serves up when he makes a “comedy”. Seriously, movies like this simple buddy comedy should not be that difficult to make, but what do I know…


2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Time Machine (Steve Pink – 2010) A-

  1. Hey Martin, I saw that twice actually. The second time with my wife and she enjoyed it as well. I think the young nephew (who was not born in 1986…per se LOL)was a brilliant addition to the movie. I have not even mentioned Chevy Chase yet…


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