The Cove (Louie Psihoyos – 2009) A-

Very well made documentary focusing on the cruel “dolphin hunt” practiced in Taiji off of the coast of Japan. The lengths these activists went to in order to get their footage is nothing short of remarkable and at times as intense as the best suspense thriller. As far as the issues go, it really is cruel the way the dolphins are butchered and for no apparent reason. Their flesh is chock full of high levels of mercury and it gets passed in the markets as “whale meat” (I guess that is more acceptable with the consumers). Apparently they are also very smart and many scientists believe that they are actually aware of what is happening to them once they are trapped awaiting slaughter. It is so odd that the Japanese government chooses to cover-up or even support and insists on defending this practice. It is not clear why other than sheer stubbornness and a refusal to change.


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