Inception (Christopher Nolan – 2010) A

I went into “Inception” knowing as little as possible about its plot. It is so rare to see a movie trailer these days without the studio practically spelling out the ins and outs of their upcoming feature. I knew it was about using dreams to steal ideas and that’s all I’ll say here. Inception is really much more than that. It’s a complex and complicated thriller that grabs us from the first minute and never lets go. At its center is a classic heist of sorts and a flawed hero with lots of emotional baggage. Complex is the operative word here. This script is juggling so many plot threads at the same time that it is a testament to Nolan’s talent that it all made sense. Now, it’s not like I understood every nuance of  how it all works, but I was never lost in the layers of it all. It really is fantastic to see such a visually stunning big budget Hollywood movie that is also a well made work of art.


2 thoughts on “Inception (Christopher Nolan – 2010) A

  1. It takes a lot to get me into a movie theather, but this movie was totally worth it. I’ve actually been considering going to see it again to really enjoy the elaborate weave of the plot threads. They rarely make them like this one these days.


  2. Stallion

    Brilliant. This film was supposedly started as a screenplay along-side Memento, over 10 years ago. When one hears something like that, it is easy to wonder as to what levels of exaggeration have influenced such comments. How rare then is it that a film delivers completely not only in its telling, but as it pulls away its layers and subsequently draws the viewer inside, at the end of the journey, one is left with the desire to experience it all over. There are few gems I care to see again on the large screen. This is one such film. Bravo, Mr. Nolan!


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