The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola – 1972) A+

This was another movie that Diana had never actually sat down and watched all the way through. Watching The Godfather for what may be the 15th time , it is so clear why this is one of the best films ever made. One of my favorite scenes is probably the one in which we last see the old Don Corleone. Here we have a powerful man, a man who presides over a huge crime family, who controls judges and politicians. He’s also deep down a criminal and a murderer. However, in the last scene we see him as just an old grandfather who spends time enjoying the company of his 3-year old grandson. He even plays the role of the clown and runs around with him. We almost forget the “Don”, the one who makes offers people just cannot refuse and just feel sad when he keels over and dies. I hope he was happy when he passed. On the opposit end of the specturm we have a man who starts honest, a war hero. The Don’s son slowly makes the transformation from that honest war hero to the family patriarch, and becomes as malevolent and as feared as his father ever was. I used to think that the Godfather’s second installment -a great film as well- was superior to the first. Now, I am not sure why I used to believe that.


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