Gomorra (Matteo Garrone – 2008) A

Gomorra is much more like City of God or even The Wire than it is like The Godfather. It takes us into the lives of several low-ranking criminals who in one way or another are connected to the Camorra, the Naples mob. We never meet any of the top-ranking bosses and at times it feels a bit chaotic, but we are not alone there. There is a very good scene where members of one of the gangs are wondering what to do next. All they know is that they are in a “war” with another gang. They have no specific orders, they were never invited to one of those cool sit-downs in fancy restaurant, they are not sure who the enemy exactly is. Gomorra also shows us that side of Italy we never see in most movies, let alone in tourism brochures. We see cramped tenements cramped with poor residents and ripe with crime. We see trucks, driven by kids and dumping bio-waste in country orchards. It’s a film that was hard to stop thinking about. It’s a bit sad and depressing honestly, but very effective and well made.


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