District 9 (Neill Blomkamp – 2009) B+

Enjoyed this very much. It’s a fresh take on an “Alien Invasion”. The protagonist here is sort of a douche bag called Wikus Van De Merwe (it’s way better when you actually hear it), well at least he starts off as one, that I could not help but like by the end of the film. Setting the story in South Africa’s Johannesburg is also a welcome change. In summary we have stranded prawn-like aliens who like eating cat food (and tires for desert), apartheid references, Nigerian mobsters who want to deal with and eat the aliens (to gain the power to use their weapons you see), cool as shit weapons, gore, exploding people, a sweet father-son story, shanty town (aka District 9) and even a pig used as a cannonball. What’s not to like? All in all quiet a fun package.


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