I Like Killing Flies (Matt Mahurin – 2004) A-

A very simple documentary. Mahurin does not narrate, barely asks questions and just follows his subject(s) around. His subject though is very interesting. That would be Shopsin’s restaurant in Greewich Village, NY and it’s proprietor Kenny Shopsin. Mr. Shopsin is eccentric as they get. He is an intellectual, foul mouthed, and is as likely to kick a customer out of his cramped joint as he is to serve him a mac and cheese pancake. Deep down though, Shopsin seems like a nice guy who likes what he is doing and cares about his “regulars” and family. We also meet his wife and several kids. They all work with him in one fashion or another.  The restaurant itself is another character, it is old and cramped with a kitchen that should terrify a health inspector. The space is tight, the fridges have a mind of their own and Mr. Shopsin keeps killing flies in between cooking dishes from his 200+ item menu. Fantastic little slice of life of a film.


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