Gods and Monsters (Bill Condon – 1998) B+

One of the positive results of most TV shows reaching their season finales is that I have time to go abck and see what I’ve DVR’d over the past month or two. I had forgotten about this one and was pleasantly surprised to see it in the list. It’s set during the final days of director James Whale and revolves around his illness, childhood memories and of course his friendship and crush with the young Clayton Boone. The relationship has a poignant effect on Boone who fondly remembers it for the rest of his life. Very good performances by Fraser, and a welcome relief from his “adventure” flicks, and McKellen. My favorite character was Whale’s maid, Hanna, played by Lynn Redgrave. She so sweetly takes care of the ailing Whale while at the same time telling him he will most surely go to hell for his sins. All with her vaguely eatern European accent.


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