Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak – Series Finale (M. Rymer – 2009) A-

I saw this twice and I definitely like it. It -mostly- works great. This was one hell of a journey. The series as whole is one of the best executed and best acted TV shows ever and I miss it. Caprica? I’ll give it a shot, but my expectations are not that high.

One thought on “Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak – Series Finale (M. Rymer – 2009) A-

  1. Stallion

    I had the pleasure of viewing this again, having seen it with Elie my first time. It is excellent, and fully satisfied my tough expectations. There was some criticism I had of the way the writers chose to resolve the storyline behind the ‘alternate’ ego appearances of ‘Six’ and of Baltar. However, having seen it again, I feel that on the whole, it works well with the writer’s intentions as to humanity and the universe. I see also that it helped to provide a bridge for us to those friends we came to know so closely over four years.

    Thanks to my brother for sharing the ‘end’ with me.



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