Quantum of Solace (Marc Forster – 2008) B-

I have no problem with the pissed-off, angry, rash, ruthless, emotional Bond played  superbly by Craig. I have no problem at all with the plot. After the magnificent Casino Royale (a much better film), literally minutes after Casino Royale, Bond is out for revenge and along the way he dismantles a small piece of an organization known as Quantum. Makes sense to me. I actually like his penchant for fucking up and killing potential witnesses left and right and I am hopeful that in the next installment or two, we will see the bond we’ve grown up with emerge (along with Q and the gun-pen of course). No, what I do have a problem with is Marc Forster’s directing action and fight sequences. It is dizzying, choppy and is so fast paced that one cannot make sense of what’s going on most of the time. I’m hoping Forster “will [not] return” for the next 007.


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