Chinatown (Roman Polanski – 1974) A

I always feel a bit apprehensive veiwing one of these classics and writing a few lines about it. What if I don’t like it? Am I missing something? Well, not in this case. More than a week after seeing it, Chinatown still lingers and scenes -more like moods- play in my head. The film’s central character, J.J. Gittes played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson, is what every private eye in every Noir film wnats to be. He is cool and composed when he needs to (even with a funny banadge on his nose) and fooling arround telling dirty jokes when he wants to. The city of L.A. during the 20s (or is it 30s?) is it’s own character, it’s not the L.A. with the bustling streets and sky scrapers. It’s more dark, mysterious and young. I did expect Chinatown to be all style, and it is. It’s a Film Noir at it’s best, dangerous and secretive Femme Fatale included, but that was not all there is to it. The story with all it’s mysteries had some unexpected twists and turns leading up to the final tragic scenes in Chinatown.


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