eXistenZ (David Cronenberg – 1999) A-

I remember hearing about this when it came out, but when I started watching it the other day I had no idea what to expect and did not know it’s a Cronenberg film. So, you can say I had low expectations and figured it for a cheesy B movie at best. Well, by the time Jude Law starts dining on the wonderful “special” at the Chinese restaurant in the world of the game eXistenZ, I was so hooked (you have to see the movie to find out what the special is and what it…becomes)! We got virtual reality games, ports that hook straight tothe spine, game “consoles” that are very organic and flesh-like, odd sexual fixation with said ports, psychotic mechanics, the many uses of mutated amphibians, vigilantes/terrorists who are for “realism” and the aforementioned gastronomic delights. In short this is classic Cronenberg. Do yourself a favor and, if you like Cronenberg’s work, rent this one.

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