The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan – 2008) A

You know all the hype about this? All the talk about Heath Ledger and a Posthumous Oscar? Well, this wonderful very quick 2.5 hours more than lives up to it. It is a gritty, grim, realistic and psychotic crime film. Ledger is the star here, his Joker is pure genious and he does steal every scene he is in, but the rest of the charcters here are equally unique from Alfred to Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon. They are all grounded in reality and have their own ideals and morals and are played perfectly by the likes of Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Cain. Speaking of characters, kudos to WB who -I assume- very cleverly chose to hide a very interesting development. These days trailers and pre-release hype give almost everything away…not this time.

The action and special effects are very impressive including one awesome chase scene and a trip to Hong Kong. It is easy to get carried away with gadgets, vehicles and ‘sonars’ here but Nolan has the sense not to do that and use the Bat gadgets but not make a star out of them. That sonar would’ve gotten to be very annoying if used excessively, especially at a midnight screening.


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