The Astronaut’s Wife (Rand Ravich – 1999) D+

I almost gave this a C- then after some contemplation I came to my senses. A D+ for some nice moody  ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ kind of scenes. Throughout the whole thing all I kept thinking was why on earth is Charlize Theron playing the same role she played two years earlier in a better film? That one at least made  a bit more sense and the devil actually had a plan of sorts AND it was played by Al Pacino…


2 thoughts on “The Astronaut’s Wife (Rand Ravich – 1999) D+

  1. Stallion

    D for ‘dog’. This was a ‘paycheck’ film, clearly. Whenever one questions the ‘why’ as to actors with notariety taking these roles, I like to remember that even Dame Judy Dench stooped low to pay her figurative rent with that steamy turd titled: “The Chronicles of Riddick”, a sequel to the excellent movie “Pitch Black”. What great shame to hear Ms. Dench utter lines like: ‘They are Necromongers…”. One does have to admire her poise in keeping a straight face after that line.



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