Dogma (Kevin Smith – 1999) A-

I totally forgot how damn fun and smart this gem is! I started watching it yesterday and just could not stop. Where do I start? Let’s see. It is a very interesting plot. Two angels (played brilliantly by the very funny -at least here- Damon/Affleck duo) kicked out of heaven by God, want to get back in and they find a loophole to do just that! A new catholic decree created by a bishop (George Carlin) will allow their sins to be erased, then all they have to do to escape their miserable hell on earth, aka Wisconsin, is to die. However, if they do that then all existence would be negated because They would’ve proved God wrong. So, they have to be stopped by a group that includes a lady who works at an abortion clinic, a couple of dopers (really prophets from New Jersey), a black and slightly bitter 13th apostle (Chris Rock, another brilliant casting decision), a stripper…oh nevermind. This film is filled with funny characters, is so smartly written and cast and actually has some touching  moments. Oh crap, almost forgot this, Alan Rickman is here too in what is possibly his funniest role as the messenger angel Metatron. His small performance alone is worth the price of admission.


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