No Country for Old Men (Joel and Ethan Coen – 2007) A+

“after killing the man…Chigurh answers the phone…pool of blood spreading..he looks at it…not wanting his boots to get stained he hoists his feet up on the bed…continues with his conversation.”

Not sure if this small scene  from so many perfect ones really does justice to how well made, haunting and terrific this film is. The mood, west Texas scenery, modern day cowboys, boots, money, guns and villains all capture the essence of McCarthy’s novel. When I read it, I could not put a face on the monster with the unpronounceable name he created, Chigurh, now all I can see is Bardem. He is that good. So is Tommy Lee Jones as a good sheriff in a very bad world that he is slowly growing disenchanted with. I do not see too many new (2007) films because I do not have the time to head to the theatre every week, but this one is the best I have seen this year and definitely one of the Coens’ top masterpieces.


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