Manhattan (Woody Allen – 1979) A

It’s amazing how much I enjoy Allen’s films the more I watch them. This one has some echoes of the superb Annie Hall, but I think it’s mainly because of the Allen/Keaton dynamic. Her demeanor will always remind me of Annie. This one has some gorgeouse black and white scenes all over New York, favorites include the opening shots and the one where Keaton and Allen are watching the sunrise under the bridge sitting on a park bench. All the performances are superb and the actors seem so natural in their roles. Mariel Hemingway probably plays the best role of her career here as the sweet and smart 17 year old girlfriend. The story is simple, made interesting by the smart dialogue and photography and centers around -what else?- relationships between regular New Yorkers. I’m glad I own this one, I’m sure I’ll see it again with Diana soon…preferably as a double bill with Annie Hall.


One thought on “Manhattan (Woody Allen – 1979) A

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