Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (David yates – 2007) A-

I hate IMAX, no actually I hate the “3D Experience” from IMAX, where you have to wear those dumb glasses with warped lenses and no matter what you do parts of the screen still remain fuzzy or doubled!! Never again. It really ruined the last 20 minutes or so of this much awaited installment. Ok, rant over.

The movie is very good and focuses -mostly- on the core of the book like Harry’s struggle and insecurities with growing up as a wizard and a young man.  The directing is a tad uneven and while he did some things brilliantly well (that first kiss, the flight sequence in the beginning, the Weasley boys’ exodus from Hogwarts), he did gloss over crucial parts that made this emotion-charged book one of the series best (The attack on Mr. Weasley, Snape’s memories of Harry’s dad). The characters are very well played especially Umbridge and Luna Lovegood. Both Diana and I would like to see this again soon…on a regular screen of course.

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