Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi – 2007) B-

Why oh why does every man cry in this movie? Why does MJ sing 2 -or was it 3- horrible songs? Why is this movie with the Symbiote and Venom not nearly as dark as it should be? Why is the true evil baddie that also happens to be the coolest of the villains (Venom) not given enough screen time?

Ah, so many questions went through my head while watching SM3. Maybe I’m being a bit tough on it, then maybe I’m not being tough enough. Spider-Man 2 was an absolute best for the genre (looking through my handwritten notes, it gets an A+), rather than just another summer blockbuster with no soul. There are some brilliant moments here, like another Bruce Campbell cameo, the Sandman emerging, the flag scene, the fantastic special effects and fight scenes. It’s a fun movie -mostly- but it is nothing to write home about.


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