Fitzcarraldo (Werner Herzog – 1982) A

Everyone likes the story of a dreamer. If that dreamer is a nut who wants to move a ship on land, up a mountain, then down between two river systems so he can make a small fortune and open his own opera house in the Amazon then who can ask for more. Herzog actually did move a ship on land to film this movie on location in the amazon, 500 miles from the nearest viable city. It took him almost four years to do that and finish filming. That is some fascinating stuff and the images he gets out of it are pretty remarkable and the work as a whole is quiet unique. Add to that Klaus Kinski in probably the only role where he plays a likable, albeit crazy, character. Someone you actually root for and feel sorry for at the same time. I have not yet seen The Burden Of Dreams yet, a doc chronicling the making of Fitzcarraldo, but I am looking forward to doing so very soon.


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