Blood Diamond (Edward Zwick – 2006) A-

On the surface it seems like an action flick with lots of explosions and and bullets flying about. It has all that, but it’s also quiet a moving drama with excellent performances from the cast. I do not see it as a propaganda piece against diamonds in general, it’s more of an awareness call. It’s good to know where our diamonds are coming from the same way it’s good to know where our food is coming from. In no way I am implying that diamonds and food are on the same scale, but from a sourcing POV they are similar. Informed consumers make better decisions (well…they might not, but at least they’ve been informed) as to where to shop, what to eat and what to wear. Such information is a very good way to help prevent cruelty to humans and animals. Enough lecturing… All in all a good movie and recommended.


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