Babel (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – 2006) B+

This is Inarritu’s third movie where he ‘weaves’ together three or more stories that are ‘interconnected’ by a certain event or object or what have you. It is very good. I’ve never been to Morocco or Mexico for that matter,  but the scenes set there and the actors could not have been more perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed these two storylines.

Now, this film was good but not great. The reason for that was the very distracting Tokyo story. It was simply a movie on it’s own and so what if (SPOILER…of sorts) her dad gave the gun to the Moroccan hunter who then…nevermind. Point is, at some point a story simply attached to two other stories does not one whole movie make. This would’ve sat much better with me if Tokyo was edited out. Man, now this sounds too negative. It really is not meant to be and I quiet enjoyed watching it. Out of his three films, the one I enjoyed the most by far was Amores Perros.


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