The Remains of The Day (James Ivory – 1993) A+

One of the great movies of the fantastically interesting British aristocracy and it’s over the stairs/under the stairs culture. I love wathcing films like this and others (Gosfrod Park comes to mind) and cannot believe I have not seen it before. Stevens is such an unforgetable charcter in my mind that I cannot stop thinking about him, his mannerisms, his devotion to a fault to his masters. He literally wastes hislife, future and love in order to serve the people living in the Darlington house and Anthony Hopkins plays him with perfect precision that it is impossible to see anyone else in this role. The movie is filled with outstanding scenes like Stevens’ father death, the scene where Mrs. Kenton wants to know what book Stevens is reading, the small speech delivered by the American Mr. Lewis among many others. The rest of the cast is suprb as well, namely Emma Thompson of course and Christopher Reeve in a small but strong role.


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