Crimes and Misdemeanors (Woody Allen – 1989) A+

Is it too much to give two A+ in one day? Nope. I still think Woody Allen is one of the most underrated -relatively- movie makers in America. You need proof? This focused, tight, wonderful written comedy of sorts. Long after Allen is gone, Crimes and Misdemeanors will still be remembered. The tale is so simple on it’s surface but if you look deeper you’ll see that the nature of God and his involvement in our lives is being tested here. Can one get away with murder and live with himself? what about the good rabbi who never hurt anyone in his life? Why is he going blind? Then we have Lester, the jerk, who cares about no one but himself. Why does he get the fame, money and the nice girl too? The dialogue here is one of Allen’s best as well, most notable is Judah’s reflections and conversations with himself, God and the rabbi.


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