The Long Good Friday (John Mackenzie – 1980) A

From the opening scenes that seem confusing, disjointed and go on for about 10 minutes with no dialogue at all this movie caught my attention. Then comes the kick ass cool music. think 70s Disco crossed with 80s porn music. It really was the heart and soul of this quintessential Brit mob film, the likes of which Guy Ritchie would love to make but probably cannot. Now, we come to Bob Hoskins’ terrific performance as the no-nonesense, smart mob boss out to figure out who’s murdering his people on this long day (the film starts on Good Friday and ends the next day). In the closing shot that is worth seeing again and again Hoskins delivers one of the best facial expressions ever, in a long close up with no words being said he says so much. Also, look out for an early Pierce Brosnan role.


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